Adam Tensta at Peace & Love

Adam Tensta Peace & Love

Adam Tensta and Sugarplum Fairy performed today in front of Pylonen. The national road administration had arranged the day and the theme was to make people drive more safely. For example do not drink and drive. Sugarplum Fairy sang a song from their new album that comes out in August. Adam Tensta got the public dancing. The day was a success.

At the festival Peace & Love Pär Holmgren talked about that we must decrease the oil consumption and only use 1/1000 000 of what we do today, because otherwise the climate changes will create catastrophes for people around the world. He says that we should have stopped the oil consumption 10-15 years ago. People that live near water like in New York will be one group that will get problems.

Stefan Sauk ended the day by making parallels with Woodstock 1969 that had the theme of love, but it ended up in chaos. Sauk said that today’s festivals in general does not have the goal of love, rather destruction. He says people are being shaped to become normal and that fear is the largest danger in society, because that is what starts war.

The three lectures days was interesting, but the third evening of the festival the chaos began. The queue to the camping ground was at least hundred meters and around the queue there were a lot of broken bottles. The festival visitors had stolen shopping carts to have beer in. I can not understand why it is allowed to take in alcohol into the camping ground, because people die. It would also help if they had drug dogs.

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