How to succed in Hollywood


How do you succed in the tough film business.? Here is the the answer:

During the video festival in Falun I took part of a seminar in Falun with some famous movie makers: Martin Hunter, Hollywood film editor that has cut Full Metal Jacket. Alexandra Dahlström that breakthrough in the film Fucking Åmål. Maria Blom that has made the Swedish Mas Jävlar. The filmer Ari Willey is known for the film Ett Öga Rött (On eye red). Sylvia Ingemarsdotter, film editor that has cut Ingemar Bergman’s films, for example Fanny and Alexander.

Alexandra Dahlström that now also has gone into the area of directing thinks that a good producer is essential. The producer should create space for creativity.

Martin Hunter believes that the most interesting thing in his work is when there is a hole in the story and he must find a way to overcome this. Martin also uphold that the most important to create good film is to have a team that is open to sharing and open to collaborating. Sylvia thinks that it important to have directors that understand the editing process and do not believe that there are things in the material that do not exist.

Mia Blom says that to use a test audience is important, because as a director she would like to know if the audience gets the story. If the actors are secure it is easier to work. Ari Willey believes that it is more important to do film than to talk about it.

They could all agree on that succeeding in the film business is a question about being surrounded by the right people and early in the carrier learn from people that already have succeeded.

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