Martin Hunter

Martin HunterWho could imagine that Stanley Kubrick’s editor would move to Falun and hold a seminar in the house of media in the same town and I would have the opportunity to be there.
– Thank you Film in Dalarna.

Martin Hunter is known for cutting a lot of famous Hollywood productions for example: California, Underworld, the Shining and Full Metal Jacket. Hunters Swedish carrier he started by doing the film: “Prinsessa” (Princess). Martin is a member of both the British Acedemy Award and the American Academy Award.

Martin Hunter’s job has changed name many times depending on the technology that he has worked with, but now his job is called Motion Picture Editor. Martin is originally from England. In the beginning of his carrier he was just interested in still photography, but when he got the opportunity to study the cutting process of the film Bugsy Malone he changed his goals in life to film editing.Â

Martin Hunter’ s smiling advice to anyone that wants to succeed in the movie business is to find anotherStanley Kubrick and feed his cat. Hunter also says do not feel that you have to do anything serious with your life. Try to get successful in something you like instead.

In one of the breaks his little daughter came running to me and my company. The girl could not yet talk with words, but frankly had a lot to tell us. Filmmakers always say that the most important is to have a story to tell, but this little girl surley has potential for filmmaking. Maybe she will follow in her father’s footsteps.

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