Helsinki Design

Cat HelsinkiOne week before midsummer I arrived in Helsinki. The rain and storm took my umbrella and put in two halves. The upper part rolled away and did almost stop the traffic. I was not the first to loose my umbrella that morning. The road from the harbour was a graveyard for umbrellas I found shelter from the rain in the tourist office. Next door I found the Cafe Jugend. The cafe had a beautiful interior environment.

In Helsinki there is a temple church that is worth a visit, because it was built in to a mountain. When I visited the church I got the feeling of being in a cave. The Church of the Temple Place is worth a visit if you like modern design.

The shopping in Helsinki is excellent, because of all the design boutiques. Marimekko is one of the most famous labels in Finland.

Finland is not most famous for its design, but there are lot more to get inspired by than you think it is.

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