Midsummer in Dalarna

FogMidsummer is a fantastic time of the year. The midsummer night in Dalarna is bright and the daylight never ends. During midsummer I tried to catch the enchanting fog that covers many lakes this time of the years. This fog I found in Falun. See the result to the left.

This year I got to see two beautiful midsummer poles:  Falun and Gagnef. The celebrations in Falun were targeting children and the celebration in Gagnef had a picnic feeling.

Dalarna is a good place to celebrate midsummer.

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  1. Hej, har tänkt att titta vad som finns mer att läsa på din hemisda.
    Det jag har sett hittills är väldigt snyggt!!!!
    Hälsningar Dagmar Zitkova

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