Preparation for Peace & Love

Pennant Peace & LoveThe first Peace & Love visitors have arrived to Borlänge. Yesterday I meet a friendly gang of punk rockers that shouted and screamed: Hallo Borlänge!. The punk rockers were on their way to put up there tents in the beautiful Water Park. I asked them if they were going to visit Peace & Love. A girl answered with a smile: -Yes. Today I ran into them again in Kupolen, but the hair style had fallen down. You could say that the punk rockers were in disguise.

Peace and Love celebrates its 10th anniversary and is now the largest rock festival in Sweden. The festival takes place just outside my door. Next week I will report about things that happen during the festival from a native’s perspective.

The building of the festival started before midsummer. Fences are put up and this year they are covered by fabric. Roads are blocked and new road signs are being put up. Lamppost and trees are being decorated. Some tree trunks have become red and other trees are being protected by graffiti paintings. Indian tents will be a part of the festival. The functionaries go around in golf cars to speed up the preparations.

During Peace & Love you see things you would never see otherwise. All noise will make it hard to sleep for six nights, but I have to do the best of the situation and I will become a tourist in my own town.

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