P&L Day 3: Save the world

Peace Love 2010

Peace & Love

Day three in I spent in the Peace & Love area. Taylor Mali had an interesting workshop and Johan Tell made us believe that it is possible to save the world. For more information about Taylor Mali see my next article. Rootvälta made the public dance. Tomas Di Leva was the last performer that day.

100 ways to save the world

Johan Tell has written the books: “Träd kan rädda världen” and “100 sätt att rädda världen. In english: Trees can save the world and 100 ways to save the world. He made some example how much water there are needed to make different foods. Think about that when you consume on the festival.

One tomato: 13 litre of water
En glas of beer: 75 litre of water
One cup of coffee: 140 litre of water.

I recommend people to read his books. Knowledge is needed to save the world.

Rootvälta & Di Leva

Rootvälta came, were seen and made a victory. You get what you pay for.

Tomas Di Leva has made a cover album with songs from Michael Jackson, David Bowie and many more famous artists. This night he played these songs. Some of his fans were disappointed, but I liked his new approach of music.

Rootvälta Peace & Love 2008

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