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Taylor Mali is the teacher that became a spoken word artist. Yesterday at Peace & Love he had a workshop in poetry. I am not a poet, but this is one of the must inspiring workshops that I have ever been to. His goal is to get 1000 people to become a teacher, because of his work. Mali became a writer when his brother one day said:

– Where did you come up with that? That is genius!

Taylor Mali told us who you can get the words to speak for it self instead of making annoying movements that irritates the audience. He gave tips like: – You should always adjust the microphone, because its looks funny when it is to low. People that are nervous walk on the stage forward and back again. Just stand still and let the arms be at your side. You should not be afraid to show your thumbs. Always speak loader than you think is necessary.

Taylor Mali thinks that the best writing comes from risking more. A poet should write about the things that he or she is most afraid of, because that is worth reading. Another writing technique that Mali talks about is to find a fire sentence, like for example this years theme of Peace and Love: Freedom. Find words that are associated freedom: peace, fly and escape. Then you use those words to begin every sentence with.

Taylor Mali gave me a new perspective of writing and performing. Thank you!

See Taylor Mali in action
Taylor Mali

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